Department of Academic Planning

Since the inception of Landmark University, on March 21 2011, The Academic Planning had metamorphosed into a Directorate saddled with the responsibility of ensuring total Academic Quality control activities and aligning with the standards stipulated by the Nigerian Universities commissions (NUC). To date the Directorate had witnessed and participated in the Accreditation Exercise of all Academic Programmes in the University, Some of which are NUC, COREN, CPA, as well and other professional bodies.

I am sincerely grateful to my team for their administrative and technical support in all that we do.  

I am therefore excited to say that the current academic session was an exceptional year for the Academic Planning Directorate, with significant contributions from all Department and other Directorates in the University. I am honoured to be involved with such a unique team of the directorate of Academic Planning in Landmark University.

God bless you all


The Directorate of Academic Planning, Landmark University under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, renders services stimulated by efficient utilization of Statistical Data and Information management, to facilitate accurate and essential institutional informed decision-making. The Directorate as well monitors compliance of the University to standards of Universities’ Regulatory bodies and policies.


The members of staff in the Directorate include:


  • » Provides collaborative support for effective monitoring and control of Teaching efficiency, research effectiveness and academic resource utilization
  • » Participates and ensure the success of monthly Academic Advising meeting with the Directorate and the Management representatives;
  • » Serves as Secretary to various Committees such as Senate Curriculum Committee and University Strategic Planning Committee which find its root in the Academic Planning office;
  • » Writing and typing correspondence, documents, reports and creating meeting minutes of meetings;
  • » Updates and pursues delegated tasks to ensure progress to lifeline
  • » Creating report for further progress during the Vice Chancellor’s strategic visit to Colleges, Departments, Directorates and Units
  • » Assists in facilitating successful accreditation exercise of both the NUC and Professional body to the academic Programmesin the University
  • » Any other task that may be assigned from time to time by the Director.


  • » Writes official memos and handles correspondence;
Writes official memos and handles correspondence;
  • » Prepares and process papers for University linkages with bodies like Institute of Chartered Bankers Association of Nigeria (ICBN), Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) etc.
  • » Prepares official reports; Directorate’s Annual Budget and expenses as assigned;
  • » Schedule in-house eventsand arrange/book for meeting rooms for official functions and meetings;
  • » Collates data and documents for Accrediting bodies such as COREN, National Universities Commission (NUC), CPN etc.;
  • » Collates Departmental Course Listing, Course Allocation and Course Compacts from Departments and liaise with CSIS (Centre System and Information Services) for Students’ Course Registration as directed;
  • » Prepares and processpapers for necessary Curriculum change with statistical data and as occasion demands;
  • » Quality Assurance monitoring of curriculum implementation during students’ Lectures, Examinations and subsequently Course Evaluation Exercise;
  • » Regularly updates and Prepares Student and Staff records for the determination of adequate staff strength, Staff mix, Full time Equivalent (FTE), Carrying Capacity for the University.
  • » Drafts as directed, the University Internal and External Academic Calendar;
  • » Serves as Secretary,Web Update Committee, Exhibition and Reception in Matriculation Committee, Internal Accreditation Committee,
  • » Assists in organizing Seminars, Workshops/Training for Academic Advisers, Academic staff on curriculum implementation strategies like e-learning and students-lecturer interaction, Programme/Level Advising, Evaluation, Assessments and Grading system among others; and
  • » Any other duty as assigned by the Director.
  • » Receiving and making calls on behalf of the Directorate
  • » Keeping record for the Director on the upcoming of events.
  • » Assisting in the design of the University calendar
  • » Engaging in preparation and processing of documents and materials for both the NUC &Professional accreditation.
  • » Preparation for the Professional body’s visit.
  • » Monitoring academic activities and examination exercises.
  • » Providing support in dispatching of memos
  • » Receiving and recording incoming memos.
  • » Writing and typing of memos as directed and scheduled.
  • » Filing the already treated memos.
  • » Any other assignment assigned by the Director
  • » Opening of the offices for cleaning every morning
  • » Arranges essential mails in order of priority action for the Boss
  • » Handles all enquires within capacity;
  • » Receives and keep records of all mails and dispatches to appropriate quarters without delay;
  • » Receives visitors (Students and Staff) in need of the Director’s attention
  • » Check lifelines on incoming requests and mails, and put preliminary work in action;
  • » Makes all necessary store requisition of stationaries and purchase of items;
  • » Any other duty that may be assigned from time to time by the Director.

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