• » Monitors  internal and external Quality control of academic activities of the University Academic Progammes and effectiveness of Faculty members to maintain compliance with International Standards; 
  • » Monitors quality service delivery in the implementation of the University’s strategic plan;
  • » Computes a range of University statistical data  for strategic, immediate and analytic planning purposes;
  • » Collates and computes data-based information such as Carrying Capacity, Full Time Equivalent FTE, etc.  for the University and make available for internal and external contexts on demand and as at when needed;
  • » Prepare the University Institutional Academic Brief;
  • » Coordinate teaching and Research equipment acquisition, utilization and procurement;
  • » Collates the University annual report;
  • » Coordinate the establishment of new Academic Programmes, Departments, Colleges and the review of already existing ones. 
  • » Coordinate Programme  NUC and Professional Accreditation Exercises;
  • » Ensues awareness among Academic Staff on the requirements of the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards as well as such vital issues like Staff Workload, Staff-Student Ratio and Pyramid structure of academic staffing;
  • » Coordinating, updating/reviewing of Programme curricula, research and innovations etc.

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